Get Your Motor Running….

Well I will be hitting the road solo tomorrow or rather later today since it’s after midnight.  I’m not sure what time I’ll head out.  I’m getting just a few things packed, loading up the car and going to take a drive and an over night trip.  I will probably land in Flagstaff.  For some reason in all the time I have lived here, I have never visited that place.  I’ve driven through it, but never experienced the town.  I honestly would not mind coming up in the winter to go skiing.  I hear their skiing there is pretty nice.  It’s definitely interesting to know a few short hours from really dry, hot, brownish desert is lots of green, pine trees and snow in the Northern parts of Arizona.  Another reason I love this state.
Flagstaff doesn’t really have big main attractions to it.  It’s a nice, clean, smaller, slower paced, college Arizona city.  The streets and buildings are on the old fashioned side and it really gives it a lot of Arizona town charm.  Part of the original Route 66 still runs through it which I think is pretty cool.  Not far out of town is this big ass thing.  Who knows, I may stop there for shits and giggles.  I like all that cheesy road attraction stuff and probably should have married Clark W. Griswold.  If I really feel ambitious I can keep driving and hit the Grand Canyon… ahh nothing like going to see big holes in the earth.
I don’t know what I’ll do and don’t really have a set agenda.  I just need to leave the big city and do some long distance driving with my thoughts and some cool tunes in my comfy Toyota Camry.  I need to feel the cooler air on my face and smell the pines.  I want to walk around town and just see it and experience it for what it is.  I may try out some of the local watering holes for a drink or two and mix with the locals.  I may just find a park to people watch and read a good book in the Arizona sunshine.  Even though I just did it, I may even check out their horseback riding.  Might be really nice to do that up in pine country. 
I do know one guy up there that I met off of one of the dating websites who is really nice.  I may just shoot him an email and meet him.  Or not.  I don’t know yet.  I’m not one of these people that needs to have company around me at all times.  I’m not a person who is afraid to be alone.  I’m an independent woman and very proud of that.  I’m not afraid to try new things.  I always feel that you will die with a dull and unfulfilling life if you don’t take risks or try new things or strike when the iron is hot.
And right now I need to take advantage of that.  It is June 1st.  Time for a fresh new month with renewed thoughts and positive energy in a relaxing place.
On an interesting twist… I met a guy online the other night from one of my dating sites.  We didn’t meet in person just chatted.  Tonight we chatted a bit more.  He lives in Tucson, (no not Tucson man) is in his thirties, cute and served in the Army in Desert Storm as well as a military brat like me.  The twist is that he offered to drive up from Tucson tomorrow morning and come with me on my trip. 
Believe it or not I was actually on the fence about it.  Half of me says go for it, have fun and I just got through talking about taking adventurous risks in life and all that jazz so what the hell?  But the other half would worry I wouldn’t have anything in common or we wouldn’t find anything to talk about and then be stuck together for the rest of the trip.  And that wouldn’t be fun. 
I’m not worried the guy would try anything.  That’s actually the least of my worries.  He says he hates to think of me alone on the road especially since I don’t own a cell phone.  How sweet is that?  Of course I’m sure it’s just a line to woo me… I’m not that dense.  He seems to think we would hit it off though and swore up and down he would totally be on his best behavior and a total gentleman.  I wonder if other women believe this kind of stuff from men?  As much as I want to believe them, I know better.
He wants me to leave him a message if I change my mind but I’m thinking… no.  I think I just need to go by myself.  He and I should make our first date under more normal circumstances.  One hour of coffee or drinks.  We’ll see if he is still “sincere” about meeting me under those circumstances when I get back.  If I feel like company, I can always call the other guy who lives there.  I already know him and then it can just be something simple like dinner and then I’m still on my own and I’m not stuck with him unless I so choose.
I need to just be on my own and doing my own thing.  This is one of the few times I wish I had a dog.  It would be cool just me and my dog.

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Been Through The Desert On a Horse With No Name…

Well I had my dates with Tucson guy and it was really nice.  We did decide last night to just have both dates together so we did the horseback riding during the day and then later that evening did dinner and drinks.
I drove over to the hotel he was staying at.  He actually got a hotel room by the Cardinals Football Stadium which is close to my house so that was nice not to have to drive too far.  Then from there we got into his car and headed off to the Spur Cross Stables.
The ride was really awesome!  Sometimes I forget how truly beautiful the desert is and just how much life exists in it.  My only regret is that I didn’t think to bring my camera!  I could just kick myself in the ass for that.  It was so much fun being with Tucson guy while doing this.  He has an awesome sense of humor and totally not a shy guy at all.   It was fun just he and I joking and teasing each other as well as with the guides.  Beautiful, adventurous and fun!  I highly recommend this as a date.
The drive back was a little long because this place is out in Cave Creek and then we ran into a bit of good ole Phoenix traffic.  But actually it was rather nice because it gave us some one on one time to chat and get to know each other more.
After we pulled up to the hotel parking lot, I went to his room briefly to use the bathroom and just freshen up a bit.  I didn’t stay and he walked me to my car.  We spent a few more minutes talking some more and then we kissed.  We kissed for awhile and it was very nice.  Then I got in my car and drove off into the sunset.  Perfect.
I came home and got ready and it wasn’t long before Tucson guy rang my doorbell to pick me up for dinner. 
Wow.  He was dressed so nice.  He was smiling really big when he saw me.  He was complementing me on how I looked and on my house.  He seemed a impressed with how I decorated it. 
He took me to this place and yes, it was very nice to say the least.
We had a great dinner, great atmosphere and great conversation.  We have had previous dates so we were past the initial small talk of a first date.  We still talked of travel, music, movies and politics.  And we laughed a lot.  He seemed to be very baffled that I have never been married and why no one has snapped me up. 
He brought me home and walked me to my door.  I made no attempt to invite him in even though I wanted to and I’m sure he wanted to.  I felt it best to just keep the pace as it was and end the date with a kiss.  He was good at hiding his disappointment and gentleman and I appreciated that.
This guy does have my head turned.  Unfortunately I probably won’t hear or see him for awhile since he’ll be working and traveling quite a bit.  I think that is part of the reason he wanted to take advantage of doing a two part date because he is on the road so much.  I’m just happy to have had such a really nice and fun time with a great guy who wanted to show me a great time. 
**UPDATE:  Well he just called me on the phone and told me what a great time he had with me yesterday and last night.  That was very nice.  VERY nice.  He said he wanted to take me out dancing next time he is in town.  I quite like that and now that I think about it…. I think I WILL invite him my house this time.  I mean…. who the hell am I saving it for right?

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A Meat Eater After My Own Heart

So I’m browsing through who is going to be coming through Phoenix at the Celebrity Theatre and I notice Ted Nugent is coming.  Every time I see his name I chuckle.  Ted… heh heh.
His music is not really my taste but I wouldn’t switch the dial if I heard him on the radio.  What I do like is him.  He still has crazy ass wild hair, totes guns, bows and arrows, hunts and eats his own meaty kills and doesn’t care for tree hugging, hippie liberals.  Can he be a bit off his rocker and a little extreme?  Yeah, but I find that kind of thing entertaining when it comes from conservatives.  They should have seriously put him in the Team America movie.
Here’s a fun clip with some tree hugger going ape shit over Nugent’s comments at a concert.  Damn I love Sean Hannity.
And just for fun… here’s an oldie but a goodie of Ted.

Need a little head?

Because everyone could always use a little head.

The Trouble With Universities…. Too Many Liberals

I read this article and get a load of this… members of the faculty of the University of Maryland have started a petition to protest a proposed ROTC unit at their campus.

As of last night, more than 50 people had signed an online petition protesting the ROTC expansion to Catonsville. The petition says the Army’s treatment of homosexual Soldiers conflicts with the university’s nondiscrimination policy, and also declares concern about “militarization” of the student body. Worchesky said the petition is “part of the joy of being at a university. Everyone gets to voice their opinion, and we listen to each other.”

Treatment of homosexual Soldiers?  How is anybody going to know who is gay with the Army’s don’t ask, don’t tell policy?
“Militarization” of the student body?  How about the concern of the “pussification” of the student body with the faculty’s daily liberal slanted teachings?
The article goes on to say how students are interested in this program and it’s going to provide more scholarships to people so I don’t see what the problem is.  Hell I was in ROTC in High School for goodness sakes.  I loved it too.  It was one of the few classes that I was not only interested in, but learned some cool stuff.  There are sooo many useless and idiotic courses and programs offered at colleges today it’s pathetic.  Yet they want to prevent a program from coming to their school which God forbid, might attract more students and for students who will actually use what they learn towards a real career in the United States Military.