Peace Sucks A Hairy Asshole Freddy

Now that Generation Kill has been airing on HBO, people are putting some snippets of the series online. 
This week I figured I would give you some scenes of one of my favorite Marines in this group.  Cpl. Ray Person.  His sarcastic sense of humor reminds me of someone I know.  Though I’m guessing Person is probably a lot more talkative. 
These are just funny.
Clip 01 – While waiting to go into Iraq, the guys are reading letters from children back in the States.  Person is really funny here.  Men are such pigs!  LOL but I love it.
Clip 02 – Here are some funny ass scenes with Person.  When he’s high on Ripfuel he gets a wee bit talkative and gives the Rolling Stone reporter some interesting theories on why we have wars.
Clip 03 – Here Person gives the reporter a pearl on cock vibrations and few other funny scenes.
Clip 04 – Intro about the Character – this short promotional clip features the actor, Person, Colbert and Wright (all the real guys) talking about the man himself with a few funny scenes from the series.


Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me!

Kissing seems to be in the air today!  I participated in some nice cyber kissing on IM this morning, I saw something on TV about kissing, my monthly horoscope had kissing at the start and end, and now I see Vox has updated her blog radio juke box with all songs about smooching.
I LOVE that Vox did this.  Of course she knows I just love music revolving around a theme.  I just wish I could add my blog radio to this new blog so I can get back to theming music too.  She’s got lots of songs and such a varied list of artists and genre’s in there.  From Frank Sinatra to The Cure to Kiss.  It’s really hard to pick a favorite but “Kisses Sweeter Than Wine” by Jimmie Rodgers seems to be sticking in my head.  I forgot all about this cute and catchy tune.  I’m loving listening to all the songs while working on my computer.  Thanks chicky!
So with kissing following me around today, I figure I would give you some things to keep in time with the theme for today…
  • Keep your lips kissable, get this great lip gloss I just got last week.  The web graphics doesn’t do it justice.  This stuff rocks.
  • Interesting little facts on kissing.  Number 7 is one that I have heard before so ladies kiss your hubby before goes to work and men, kiss your women when they are stressed as it states in number 13.
  • The scientific explanation of kissing.  I found this to be interesting actually.
  • In my opinion I thought this article from a men’s website “nailed it” on kissing your lady.
  • There are just too many movies with the word “kiss” in the title for me to list and link.  So I’ll link you to the list.
  • Lots of great poems here about the kiss.
Vanilla French Kiss

– 2 oz Bacardi Vanilla
– 1/2 oz Triple Sec
– 1/4 oz Mango Juice
– 1/4 oz Peach Juice
Garnish: mint sprig
Serve in a chilled martini glass on ice and garnish with a mint sprig. 
Wait…. is that Violent Femmes “Kiss Off” I see? Oh man, brilliant!  I’m still listening heh heh. 
I’m loving today!  *smooch*

Talk About A Bitch On Wheels

Now this would be the shiznit to drive up in at a motorcycle convention!

I Used To Hate The Water… Can't Imagine Why

It seems like every time I turn around either AMC, TNT or TBS shows the movie Jaws, and you know what?  I never tire of it.  This is one of those movies that will never grow old and always be a favorite of mine.  No one else could even come close to playing the part of the Chief like Roy Scheider.  No one.  I miss that guy!  Dreyfuss is another favorite of mine as well.  Good drama, suspense and the right amount of humor splashed in here and there.
My favorite parts are the simplest scenes.  Of course I like the famous scene everyone does where Roy’s character is pissing and moaning as he’s throwing blood over the side of the boat, the shark plays peek-a-boo and you hear the famous “bigger boat” line.  I like the scene where all three guys are getting drunk and comparing scars and singing.  And I really, really, really LOVE the moment where Roy and the little boy are at the dinner table and the little boy mimics his father.  Great scene.
This is one of those movies that every time it’s on, I still watch it.  I might as well own it at this point and so added it to my wish list.  I’ve never read the book and probably should.  That would be a great summer read.  heh. 

How About A Single & Fabulous Shower?

I was watching an old episode of Sex and the City where the characters made a good point about single people are always shelling out dough and support for married people but singles don’t get the same love.
When people get engaged/married they register and get tons of free goodies from their friends and relatives.  When they go on to have kids, they register and get more freebies for their baby.  Not to mention christenings and all that stuff too.  Then as the kids get older, you attend their birthday parties and graduations and fork out more money and love for presents. 
Single people have to buy their own dishes, pots and pans, toasters and such on our own and on one income.  So how come we don’t have single & fabulous showers? I think it should be mandatory for single women who reach 35 years of age to get one.  By the time a woman is 35 year old, most likely she will already have her own dishes and blenders.  But then she can register for anything like jewelry, clothes, shoes, new lap top, Sirius radio subscription, books, etc. in addition to a rolling pin if she needs one.  Why not?

Google Cuteness

Take a look at the Google logo today.  They did a Peter Rabbit theme to their logo in celebration to the author Beatrix Potter’s birthday.  Too cute.  I love it when Google does this for special days and holidays.  They also link the decorated logo to information on her.  If you are reading this after the fact, most likely they will post it here along with all the other past decorated logo’s.

Re-Thinking and Re-Organizing

Due to the times being tough right now in the job market, I have decided to re-think the job I have to look for.  Because I am a Training Manager it is more difficult to find that position today because of all the lay offs and people that are hiring/promoting from within.  It is also sort of a narrow line of work, meaning, less jobs in that title and more people to compete with.  If I were a nurse, I’d probably have no problems finding a job within a week.
And so…. I am going to have to take a pay cut and demotion by looking at jobs that start at the bottom.  Things like being on the phones again for a place like American Express or something.  It’s really sad it has come to this since I haven’t had a job like that since I was 22 years old.  I spent all this time working up the corporate ladder to be the boss and making a really decent living on my own to now start all over again at nearly 39.  But… it has to be done.  I HAVE to be employed.  No exceptions.
I will give a shout out there to anyone reading that if you know of anyone that needs a Training Manger or Director (running an internal training department) in the Phoenix and surrounding areas, definitely let me know!  I’m open to travel and even contract work.  I’m open to any industry and have mucho experience.  Have to network anyway that I can ya know?  😉
So in the process today of just getting organized all over again not only with career stuff but also just things I need to get done in my life.  What I want to do, what I want to achieve, where I want to travel, who I want to meet and just the boring regular stuff like re-organizing my garage.  I am starting a list 101 things I need to complete in 1001 days.    I saw the idea here and thought, why not?
Never did a list like this so we’ll see how this goes.  I’m still in the process of making out the actual list and I’m barely on number 58.  It’s a little harder than you think to come up with things.  Once I’m done with it, I’ll post it and keep updating what I have accomplished.  Maybe it will not only help me achieve more but also be fun.  Anyone else up for taking the 101 things in 1001 days challenge?