Computer Says No

The show Little Britain cracks me up.  I saw the other day that HBO is going to bring it on the network “Little Britain USA” so not sure if that means they will re-make or change the show to be more “Americanized” or just bring it over as is, which is what I hope they do.  Why bother changing what already is fine the way it is.
All the female roles are played by men – kind of reminds me of another great show, The Kids in the Hall.  There are a bunch of likeable and regular characters on there like Bubbles – the really fat lady who never pays her spa bill or Maggie – the woman who is racist and vomits every time a person of another race is mentioned.  Carol is a favorite of mine.  She use to work at the bank for awhile then got a job at the travel agency.  I love her signature cough at the end of every conversation.

2 Responses to “Computer Says No”

  1. Rick Says:

    I’ve caught a few episodes of that show. I can never remember when it’s on.

  2. Martini Girl Says:

    I know it’s on BBC America but I don’t know when either. I just rent the DVD’s of the show through Netflix.

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