I Hate Cell Phones

It’s no secret I use to talk about my hatred of cell phones on my old blog.  And yes…. I STILL don’t own a cell phone – the rudest and most annoying invention ever.  California has made it law this month that you have to be hands free while driving.  Good but does it solve the problem? 
Venomous Kate has a good post on it.  I also couldn’t resist stealing the Youtube video she had and posting it here.  Fucking hilarious!

2 Responses to “I Hate Cell Phones”

  1. Michael Says:

    Washington just made it a law that you have to be hands-free while driving also. But in our case, it’s a “secondary offense” meaning that you can only be cited for using a phone if you were observed doing something else that merited being pulled over first. Yeah… can you say useless? We also got a law last year that made it illegal to text while driving… *rolls eyes*

    Clearly there are too many stupid people out there!

  2. Liz Says:

    “Enabling douchebags everywhere” they got that right.

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