Are You Freaking Kidding Me?

I saw this over at Dog Snot Diaries and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and hearing.  But then again, I guess I can.  I agree with Geoffrey in saying STFU you ignoramus!  These people don’t know what a black hole is???  A black hole analogy is suddenly racist??
Oh and then this moron goes on at the end of the video snippet how anything to do with the color black is negative but white is positive.  Yeah, I saw that Denzel Washington movie about Malcolm X too.  Why don’t you 1) get freaking educated, 2) be a professional and get over yourself and 3) have your own original thoughts instead of quoting movies.
You know… the people that always make race a god damned issue are always blacks – not whitey.

And here is even more crap on the subject.  Michelle makes a really good point here too about fair game.  Condi, Bush and many other political figures get their share.  If we had pictures and protest signs about killing Obama like people did about Bush – there would be riots in the streets about how racist and appalling it is.

**UPDATE:  And yet ANOTHER example of blacks keeping racism alive – not whites.  I’m sorry but come on!!!!!!

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