More Online Dating Fun

Once again I get a real winner who emails me on  I get this email from the guy.
hello. I see you like taking pictures of yourself. I do too!  Do you have a cell phone camera?? I do ; )
email me if you are interested.
Ok, I thought this was sort of weird.  Just what is he getting at here, exchanging naughty pics or something?  I decide to ignore it, play dumb and send a regular email to him.
Hi (username here),
Thank you for the email. My apologies I didn’t get back to you a little sooner.
LOL well I do take the self photos because I want to make sure I’m putting up the most current pictures of myself. No I don’t have a cell phone camera. In fact, I don’t own a cell phone.
Illinoize to Arizona is a big change. 😛 What brought you here my dear?
Martini Girl
Now, I thought I was being cute with the “Illinoize” thing because he had a bit in his profile on the correct pronounciation of Illinois (where he is origninally from) and is not pronounced “Illinoize” but “Illinoiy.”  So I figured he would laugh and respond.  I didn’t get anything back so I try once more.  This is how the rest of the emial exhange went.
ME:  So was it the “Illinoize to Arizona” statement that prevented you from emailing back. It was wasn’t it? LOL
HIM:  no, it was the fact that you don’t have a camera phone. some of your pictures look very erotic, and I was hoping to send and recieve pictures with you.
ME:  That’s why you are on To exchange erotic photos on your phone with women on this site?
HIM:  Of course not. That’s not what I meant.
Umm… sure it isn’t buddy.  That’s why you just said it was in the previous email.  If that’s not what he meant then what the hell did he mean?  To top if off he doesn’t even explain himself just writes the one line of that’s not what he meant.  My pictures are all PG so I’m not sure where he got the “erotic” part from unless he thought I had bedroom eyes.  I didn’t bother emailing after this.
This is suppose to be a regular dating site looking for a “serious relationship.”  But no, it’s about jack off material and being a picture collector.  And then in true little boy form…. lie about it.
Don’t men like to be challenged?  Don’t they like to woo?  Isn’t it more fun that way?  Where is the thrill of the hunt?  Romance dead?  I thought men liked dating?  Have men gotten this lazy?  Do I have the words “do me” written on my forehead?  I’m flattered men find me attractive but come on guys!!!!

5 Responses to “More Online Dating Fun”

  1. Liz Says:

    This was from a guy on What a dick.

  2. I’m Ready For My Close Up Mister DeVille « Desert Martini Says:

    […] self photos… it causes men to ask if they can exchange erotic phone photos with me.  Like this guy and now this guy!  (love ya […]

  3. 3rdtimesacharm( 3T ) Says:

    Oh there are all sorts on those dating sites! I think you have the right attitude though. When I was on them, mainly Udate; I decided that any and all interactions that were strange, R-rated, and womanizers looking for quick action, would become fodder for Happy Hour with girlfriends! Some were hilarious. Like the guy who lied about his height; saying he was 6’1″. I’m 5’10” and he barely reached the middle of my chest. He got the one meeting and then I blocked him. Not because he was short, but because he was a liar.

    I found a fairly hefty percentage were also married men, looking for, well whatever it was they were looking for. Although they were easy to peg. No phone number, or only their work number. Dead giveaway for me. That and the usual tan lines where the wedding ring sets, with the ghost white in between the tan lines. Scum trying to hook-up with women who were not their wives. (I could go on and on, but I’ll spare you, and wait for your dating site stories!)

    I haven’t had a chance to say, that I’m glad you’re back blogging! I look forward to reading what you’re up to these days.


  4. Martini Girl Says:

    3T, that is too funny! Oh and believe me, I have come across the married men too.

    It’s good to be back so thanks. Hey you and your hubby should join us at Vox’s AZ blogger get togehter on Sat.

  5. Do I Have “Do Me” Written On My Forehead? « Desert Martini Says:

    […] Him:  Still there? Me:  Uh.. yeah…  have a nice night.  *click*   Kind of reminds me of this gem. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)The Law ManA Letter to Barack ObamaIdentity Theft […]

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