A Cat Makes A Better Mother

I’m so glad they locked the mother’s ass up.  It’s obvious she had something to do with her child’s disappearance.  I mean your child goes missing and you don’t report it to the authorities for five weeks?  She was doing her own investigation?  What a crock of shit.  The first 24 hours are the most critical for the chances of finding a missing child and the use of Amber Alert can be very effective.
If it turns out the woman didn’t have anything to do with the disappearance well then it’s just as bad or if not worse that she still waited before reporting it.  This is your child!  If it were my child I’d have called the police, FBI, America’s Most Wanted, the media, all my friends and family and everyone else under the sun that I could think of right from this so-called babysitter’s porch.  If I had kids and if anyone ever messed with them, I’d kill them.
Whether she did it or not, she needs to be fixed so she can’t reproduce any more children.  Period.  They should make that a law for people like this.  Seriously.  But like I said, I think she is involved.  She’s been lying to the police non-stop about everything.
What a shame… this is a GORGEOUS little girl.


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