We Should Have Cloned Ronald Reagan

Bust out the popcorn because this is getting more and more entertaining as it goes along.  I’m seriously floored at how many Obamination zombies are out there that are getting hard ons for LOLbama.  Are you people for real??  Even the media is spraying their shorts over the ga-ga love they have for this idiot. 
People seem to think he’s “smart” and oh so charismatic.  Yes, he’s a good public speaker but so was Hitler folks.  The guy also bumbles and stumbles over the things he says – just like George W. Bush.  Yes all those crybaby liberals who did nothing but make fun of Dubya and his word stumblings had nothing else to cry about but that…. well Obama does it a lot too.  Funny… you don’t hear a peep about that from these same non thinkers do you?  Just watch some clips of him talking and read some quotes and you’ll see he does make some asinine comments.  Perfect example here.  I like how he claims certain committees are his when that is flat out not true.  Not to mention all the John Kerry stuff he pulls with oh I am for that, no wait, I’m against it on everything under the sun.
If you speak out against him or make fun of him, oh it’s considered racist.  Yeah ok.  Keep living in your cloud.  One of my good friends husband thinks he is the Antichrist.  I’m starting to believe it myself.
We should have seriously cloned Ronald Reagan and had him come back as President again.  In fact, we should have cloned him a bunch of times and froze them all.  Then every so many years when everything turns to shit, bring him back to get things right again.  The Ronald Reagan clone would override any candidates or current Presidents in time of need.

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