Infidels and Mickey Mouse Supporters

Fellow conservative blogger and good friend Vox put together an Arizona bloggers meet and greet on Saturday.  I brought my friend Barb with me and met up with the gang at the Four Peaks Brewery in Tempe.  It was a really nice time of eats, drinks, and laughs.  Since I’m not a beer drinker, I was in luck as they had a skilled bartender who could make cosmos and martinis.  Bliss.
Well since it was 100% conservatives there, you can imagine what we talked about.  Yes, that’s right kiddies…. puppies!  No?  Ahh well, I thought I’d take a shot.  I think the biggest topic (by the time I got there) was about who the candidates were going to pick for their VP’s.  We talked about some of our favorite Military movies, even though it’s a tough call mine are Black Hawk Down and Top Gun.  We discussed one of my favorite men, Russell Crowe and how according to South Park *say it in an Aussie accent*  “I’m Russell Crowe and I’m fightin’ ’round the world!”  But I dig that Mat was seeing eye to eye with me on how they desperately so need to make a sequel to Team America.  Great minds think alike I tell ya.  I still think that they need to have Ted Nugent in the sequel and just think of the possibilities with that!
There was also conversation about music, guitar hero and the controversy of it, kids, places we have lived, the wonderful commute in Phoenix, how once upon a time AZ used to have a great newspaper, jobs, what we write on our blogs and me – shamelessly begging for a Training Manager job.  A couple of people had some great T-shirts on that were good conversation pieces.  Note the title of this post and then go check ’em out in my pictures on Flickr.
Being a single gal, I do have to mention we had a young lil hottie serving us.  I was tempted to embarrass him in front of the group by asking if he would be interested in dating a cougar.  But then decided against it and instead demand he bring me a martini.
It was good fun and I was glad to meet everyone.  Shame on me for not having all of them on my blogroll!  I will remedy that.  For now, here is the list of attendees….
Vox (Vox)
Lions and Lambs (Vox’s Sister)
Zonitics (Anonymous Mike)
Exurban League (Kevin and Jon representing)
Barb (She’s blogless!)
Macker’s World (Don’t kill me but I’m terrible with names)
Voice of Liberty Podcast Network (John and his wife Krista)
Little Green Footballs (Mat representing)

4 Responses to “Infidels and Mickey Mouse Supporters”

  1. Exurban Jon Says:

    I’m sorry I couldn’t have stayed longer, but was great to meet you and Barb! Hopefully we can have another get-together in a few months.

  2. 3rdtimesacharm( 3T ) Says:

    I’m sorry we missed out on the fun, Lori! Hubby wasn’t up for going out after we worked on the yard in the heat. (He just finished his radiation treatments a couple of weeks ago.) Although hearing about how the newspaper he works for, “Once upon time was good,” probably wouldn’t have gone over well with him.

    But a smooth Grey Goose Cosmo would have been wonderful! (Next time)

    Glad y’all had a wonderful time! Those martinis looked delish!

  3. Martini Girl Says:

    Jon – yes, you left too early dammit! You missed it too, what I didn’t write in the post was how some of us ladies flashed our boobies to score some free drinks.

    3T, no worries about not coming – would have loved to have seen you guys though. The comment about the paper was more about how years ago it use to be more diverse and one of the guys actually use to work for the paper for free a long time ago.

  4. John Says:

    We had a great time, and I’m sure we’ll have many “next times” and much more fun – thanks for the compliment on my guns . . . what’s that? Ohhhhhhh – the guy waiting on our table – oh – I see. LOL

    Vox definitely needs to organize another soon and let’s plan on more time next time – too many political and cultural topics and beers to drink, not enough time!

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