How About A Single & Fabulous Shower?

I was watching an old episode of Sex and the City where the characters made a good point about single people are always shelling out dough and support for married people but singles don’t get the same love.
When people get engaged/married they register and get tons of free goodies from their friends and relatives.  When they go on to have kids, they register and get more freebies for their baby.  Not to mention christenings and all that stuff too.  Then as the kids get older, you attend their birthday parties and graduations and fork out more money and love for presents. 
Single people have to buy their own dishes, pots and pans, toasters and such on our own and on one income.  So how come we don’t have single & fabulous showers? I think it should be mandatory for single women who reach 35 years of age to get one.  By the time a woman is 35 year old, most likely she will already have her own dishes and blenders.  But then she can register for anything like jewelry, clothes, shoes, new lap top, Sirius radio subscription, books, etc. in addition to a rolling pin if she needs one.  Why not?

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