I Used To Hate The Water… Can't Imagine Why

It seems like every time I turn around either AMC, TNT or TBS shows the movie Jaws, and you know what?  I never tire of it.  This is one of those movies that will never grow old and always be a favorite of mine.  No one else could even come close to playing the part of the Chief like Roy Scheider.  No one.  I miss that guy!  Dreyfuss is another favorite of mine as well.  Good drama, suspense and the right amount of humor splashed in here and there.
My favorite parts are the simplest scenes.  Of course I like the famous scene everyone does where Roy’s character is pissing and moaning as he’s throwing blood over the side of the boat, the shark plays peek-a-boo and you hear the famous “bigger boat” line.  I like the scene where all three guys are getting drunk and comparing scars and singing.  And I really, really, really LOVE the moment where Roy and the little boy are at the dinner table and the little boy mimics his father.  Great scene.
This is one of those movies that every time it’s on, I still watch it.  I might as well own it at this point and so added it to my wish list.  I’ve never read the book and probably should.  That would be a great summer read.  heh. 


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