Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me!

Kissing seems to be in the air today!  I participated in some nice cyber kissing on IM this morning, I saw something on TV about kissing, my monthly horoscope had kissing at the start and end, and now I see Vox has updated her blog radio juke box with all songs about smooching.
I LOVE that Vox did this.  Of course she knows I just love music revolving around a theme.  I just wish I could add my blog radio to this new blog so I can get back to theming music too.  She’s got lots of songs and such a varied list of artists and genre’s in there.  From Frank Sinatra to The Cure to Kiss.  It’s really hard to pick a favorite but “Kisses Sweeter Than Wine” by Jimmie Rodgers seems to be sticking in my head.  I forgot all about this cute and catchy tune.  I’m loving listening to all the songs while working on my computer.  Thanks chicky!
So with kissing following me around today, I figure I would give you some things to keep in time with the theme for today…
  • Keep your lips kissable, get this great lip gloss I just got last week.  The web graphics doesn’t do it justice.  This stuff rocks.
  • Interesting little facts on kissing.  Number 7 is one that I have heard before so ladies kiss your hubby before goes to work and men, kiss your women when they are stressed as it states in number 13.
  • The scientific explanation of kissing.  I found this to be interesting actually.
  • In my opinion I thought this article from a men’s website “nailed it” on kissing your lady.
  • There are just too many movies with the word “kiss” in the title for me to list and link.  So I’ll link you to the list.
  • Lots of great poems here about the kiss.
Vanilla French Kiss

– 2 oz Bacardi Vanilla
– 1/2 oz Triple Sec
– 1/4 oz Mango Juice
– 1/4 oz Peach Juice
Garnish: mint sprig
Serve in a chilled martini glass on ice and garnish with a mint sprig. 
Wait…. is that Violent Femmes “Kiss Off” I see? Oh man, brilliant!  I’m still listening heh heh. 
I’m loving today!  *smooch*

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