Sunday With My Friends Fam-damnily

Spend the day with Barb and her relatives which was a lot of fun.  Good food, great weather, swimming, music, kids playing, chatting and playing cards.  It was really nice. 
The card game we played was called Apples to Apples and was entertaining.  Each player has 7 red apple cards, each with nouns on them from anything to festering sores to choir boys to Brad Pitt, etc.  A green apple adjective card gets drawn like “silly” and you have to pull a word from your red apple hand that you think is considered the most silly.  The person judging at the time picks which noun card that matches most and if they pick your card you get a point.  
At one point the green apple card was “useless” and someone’s red card that was thrown in the pot was “The UN” and I couldn’t stop laughing my ass off.  I was the only one laughing.  No it wasn’t my card, but that was funny as shit!

She's No MILF, She's A VPILF

Another reason I like Sarah Palin is her love and support for the troops she has always demonstrated.  I believe her son joined the Army on one of the 9/11 anniversaries too.
I love this picture.  A smart girl who knows how to dress for the occasion.  Just look at the two soldiers in the background.  You just KNOW what they are really talking about.  heh heh


Ok, so in my “woe is me” the last few days I FORGOT yes, that’s right forgot to tune into the news on TV or the internet or the radio to find out just who exactly John McCain was going to pick for his Vice President.  It completely slipped my mind with all my unemployment issues and was seriously in a bubble of my own. 
So this morning as I was back to my normal self it dawned on me… oh shit!  Who did he pick??  I was hoping it would be a Rudy Giuliani or Mitt Romney.  I quickly start cruising the good ole internets and what do I see?  He picked a SARAH PALIN!  I’m blown away!  I never thought he would pick her.  And to top it off she’s a freaking HOTTIE too!  Zing!  A real big time conservative too!  Ka-blam!  And she’s… she’s…. a gun toting hunter hottie too!  Right on!  I’m betting Ted Nugent has the biggest hard on right now.  This is just too good. 
This is just brilliant on McCain’s part.  He can snag some of those Hillary supporting women to cross over and vote for him AND he’ll get more Republicans now because she is so conservative.  Wow.  My approval rating for McCain has just gone way up because of this.  This shows he’s got real moxie.  Pure freaking Moxie people.  To add the sprinkles on the icing, he announces this the day after the Democratic Convention completely stealing LOLbama’s thunder. 
All the news media and all of blogsphere are a buzz, buzz, buzz like nothing I have seen in a long time.  Conservatives are wetting themselves and the liberals have already starting calling her a slut, a bad mother for taking the job and other mud slinging has already begun big time.  All that is gonna seriously do is make all the supporters love her all the more because let’s face it, the democrats got punked.  Punked big time.  And when the demoRATS get punked like that, they are going to show their fangs and claws and dig up anything and everything on this woman and do everything in their power to trash her big time.
What’s great about this girl is that men like her AND women like her.  She is an impressive cookie.  She… has moxie too and if you read up on her, you’ll agree.
I want to link to so many great write ups I’m seeing on blogs but there are just way too many!  I’ll have to pick and choose a little later I suppose.  One thing I did see on a blog was her being referred to as “Ronald Reagan in a skirt.”  Love it.
I can’t help but love how she gives Republican girls like me, who also have that sexy librarian look going on, something to smile about. hahaha.
Bust out the popcorn because this my friends, is going to be good.
Somebody pinch me.

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And The Hits Just Keep On Coming

I had specific plans today to go out to some retail stores and see who is hiring.  I also needed to stop by another place that did have an Asst. Mgr position and wanted to catch the store manager and give her my resume in person.  She wasn’t there the last time I went.  I also needed to look at getting a new battery for my cordless phone as the one I have doesn’t last more than five minutes anymore.  And then I had a few other errands to run.
So…. I’m doing some online stuff for employment most of the morning.  I talked to my mom on the phone and then I realize time is getting away from me.  So I jump in the shower, get into some professional clothes, get my resumes, cover letters, etc. all in order.  Jump in the car at exactly 3pm and bam!  My car won’t start.  Just great.  I’m pretty sure it’s the battery.  It seems like I just bought one not that long ago.  But good ole Phoenix heat.  Tires and batteries have a shorter life here.
Thank goodness I have AAA.  That is one of the best things I ever did as a single female and purchase an annual membership with them.  They check the battery, alternator and something else (I forget the 3rd thing) and they can either jump start you or they bring a new battery out for you to purchase and they install it for you.  Great, I’m unemployed, funds are low and I have to fork out $142.79 for a new battery.  To top it off, I may miss seeing the store manager!  All dressed up and I have to wait an hour for them to get here.  I’m just praying to god it is only the battery and NOTHING else!!
It’s times like this where I’m seriously really sick and tired of being single.  I’ll be 39 in a matter of days and I’m just exhausted from doing everything myself for the last 21 years.  Where the hell is my John Wayne?  Seriously.


A Man Anthem

A friend sent this to me and I thought it was hilarious!  Watch the whole thing.  Have to warn you though, NOT work friendly.

Quote Of The Day

“I’m giving the handyman screaming orgasms discount.”
I really love having girlfriends!