Hey can any of you get to this website without any errors for  I’m trying to check my stats and for some damn reason I get this error message:  “Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site  Operation aborted.”
I don’t get it.  I have never had this problem with any site and especially this one.  It has been working just fine all the time I have had this blog and even this morning.  Now I just get that error message so wondering if it is a problem with the site or just me.  I did nothing new to my computer.  I cleared my temp files, cookies, re-booted and I still get the error.
So can any of you get in that site?
Wah!  I wanna see my stats!
**UPDATE:  Looks like sitemeter is fixed now.  It was effecting people who had IE 7 browsers when they were doing some background work on sitemeter.  They fixed it within 24 hours on a weekend.  I’m impressed.

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