Is It A Full Moon For The Internet???

The day before yesterday I was up late and online doing more job searching when my internet connection went down.  So before I called the lovely Cox Communications, I did all that bs they tell you to do when you call them like rebooting and unplugging the cable modem.  Nothing worked so I called.  It was an unscheduled maintenance and they tell me the window is from midnight to 6:00 am.  Lovely.  So called it a night.
Then today… I can’t pull up my sitemeter page to view my blog statistics (see post below).  Then I realized there were some other sites giving me the same error.  I finally found this information with some Googling.  It appears to be all sites using sitemeter on their pages and the sitemeter site itself giving this error to anyone using IE browsers.  Great.  So someone posted a work around.  I use it and I could get into the sitemeter website finally.  The problem now is that it won’t recognize my username and password and it is NOT a user error.  I’ve emailed them but I’m sure I won’t hear diddly squat since it is now the weekend.
Then….. just min. after sending sitemeter that email someone important to me had just popped on IM to chat with me.  I was waiting for this person too.  We barely typed two lines to each other and right when I was in mid sentence POOF my internet went down!!!  Email, IM, Websites… the whole damn thing.  So this time I don’t bother unplugging thinking it’s something on Cox’s end this time just like the other night.  So I call and of course am on hold.  Finally get through and what does she tell me?  To unplug the modem.  Then my Internet came back up.  GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!  Then my friend wasn’t there anymore when I got back on and thinks I just abruptly left which I was afraid would happen.  He’ll see my messages and realize that wasn’t the case but still… we only get a few windows of time to talk.
Now I’m wide awake and bored out of my mind.  I wish we were having a 24 hour blogger marathon right now!  I’m in the mood to blog everything under the sun right now.  har.  Is it cocktail hour?
**UPDATE:  Looks like sitemeter is fixed now.  It was effecting people who had IE 7 browsers when they were doing some background work on sitemeter.  They fixed it within 24 hours on a weekend.  I’m impressed.

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