2008 Olympics Opening Ceremony

I don’t even know how to begin.  I’m in awe.  Complete awe.
This is the most spectacular, beautiful and inspiring opening ceremony I have seen for the Olympics.  You know what, forget the Olympics, it’s the most spectacular, beautiful and inspiring performance I have seen.  Period.
The lighting, the music, the costumes, the technology, the stadium, the colors, the culture, the history, the people, the precision, the messages and the symbols.  It was incredible and this is one of those few times I wish I had a big screen TV and watching it in High Definition.  I should have gone to my parents house to watch it.  I can only imagine how this looked and felt in person.
One thing I will say about the Chinese, they don’t do anything half assed.  Not even close.  It was sheer perfection.  I was impressed by their military and how they handled the flags.  It was very sharp.  I was blown away by how they had 11,000 people performing all the acts and not a single one was ever out of step or beat or line with every single presentation.  You also couldn’t help see the happiness and pride in all of their faces.
I was very glad to see President Bush and his wife attend this as well.  I know people thought he should boycott going because of the things that China does but, to me it said something about his character attending and supporting our team.  Just him standing and putting his jacket on in respect to them was great.
The symbols and messages were also awesome.  I have to tell ya, I turned into a sappy little girl and felt a lot of emotion.  Especially when they raised the Olympics flag.  It’s a true and untouchable and yet very RARE moment you will ever see and feel of countries coming together in unity in a perfect “shiny happy people” way.  Yes… I know… China has some major issues in the world and yes there may be fights or cheating or talk or politics and all of that crap that may creep up during the games and life will go on as we know it.  But it was a great world moment.  Especially to know we can be capable of that, even for just a few short hours in a lifetime. 
I know… I know…. I’m the world’s biggest dork.  But I don’t care.  Well done.

6 Responses to “2008 Olympics Opening Ceremony”

  1. Danger Zone Says:

    You are a nerd for sure. But I love you all the same!!

  2. John Says:

    I’m very cynical and jaded about the Olympics, and in recent years, the opening ceremonies have been pretty craptacular, but I was thoroughly impressed with last night’s display – truly astonishing and moving.

  3. Martini Girl Says:

    Danger – I’ll have to get you a T-shirt like Vox had that says, “I Love Nerds”

    John – I don’t blame you for being cynical and jaded about the Olympics. After that pairs skating fiasco that one year… I became that way too.

  4. Danger Zone Says:

    I really don’t like nerds. I read this lame story once how nerds were the ‘new cool’. No way. They will always be geeks. It’s the natural order of things. I used to watch those shitty Maury shows when the one time nerd would invite their one time tormentor onto the show and scream ‘look at me now!’ I’d still call them a nerd and walk off.

  5. Martini Girl Says:

    I saw that in the news Vox. What a shame. I guess it’s not just in America where “looks” matter.

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