The Old Man Is Snoring

Holy Moly we got a raging thunderstorm.  This thing came pretty fast and unexpected.  I was out and about earlier today and I kid you not I was staring at the clouds while at the stop light and noticing how clear and beautiful the sky was.  I hadn’t seen the weather reports so I was quite surprised when this thing hit.
The wind, lightening and thundering were pretty obnoxious.  I came out of my skin a few times after some of the thunder.  Good lord it sounded like it hit the house next door or something.  Even my cat was a bit spooked.  I was very surprised the electricity didn’t go out but glad it didn’t since I was working on a special project.
But… as I have said before, I do love the thunderstorms here.  Rain in the desert is fantastic.  Especially when it rains cats and dogs like tonight.  All that was missing was Rambo’s guns wrapped around me.

2 Responses to “The Old Man Is Snoring”

  1. 3rdtimesacharm( 3T ) Says:

    It was a spectaular storm, wasn’t it!? 🙂 I sat on the patio and watched and listened as long as I could. Even when the rain calmed a little, the lightening and thunder show continued late into to the evening. The cooler temps. alone (after the hot sticky day yesterday) were a little slice of heaven.

    PS. My baby kittens were petrified, and the 7 yr old cat stayed huddled under the bed for a good deal of it.

  2. Martini Girl Says:

    3T – love it! Love the cooler temps as well. The only problem now is that everything got so stirred in the air, I can’t stop sneezing today. ha!

    By the way, those kittens are so cute!

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