Determined Or Up To No Good?

So remember I told you about Mr. Cocky?  Well I didn’t call him like he asked but I did email him back early this morning with a bitchy one liner.  
Mr. Cocky,
You are interested in hearing from me?  Why?
Martini Girl
Most guys at this point would then not bother responding.  Instead this guy called me today and left a message on my answering machine.  He said,
“Hi Martini Girl, it’s Mr. Cocky from  Thanks for getting back to me.  I’d be interested in you and I getting together and maybe grabbing a bite to eat.  If you are interested give me a call at 602-XXX-XXXX.  It’s Wed about 1pm.  I hope all is well with you and I look forward to hooking up.  Bye, take care.”
Hmmmm….. I will say this, I’m surprised he called and left that message.  I also noticed it is the first time he didn’t have that “cocky” tone he usually does.  It was a much more serious tone here.  I don’t know how to even take this or respond to it.  I mean the smarter part of my brain says he is still a wolf in sheep’s clothing and will pull some of the same crap he did last time and then shame on me for falling for it again.  But the other part of my brain is just taken aback by him trying and his more serious tone here.
I’m thinking I’ll call him back and talk with him and see just what his intentions are.  I have no expectations of going on a date with him at this point because of his last actions.  Nor am I even really desiring a date with him at this point because of that.  But I know this, I know myself and I’ll probably be sort of a cold bitch to him on the phone.  I will be honest with him and lay out his past actions and that I don’t tolerate that.  I’ll expect him to give me an apology and damn good reasons why I should go on another date with him.  This phone call will make it or break it and if my bluntness puts him off, then I should know on this call.  He may not like it one bit but hey, he put me in this position.  If he is really determined to take me out, well then he’ll take a bite of the shit sandwich and make things right.
All I know is that I’m a woman who will not tolerate shit from men.  At the same time I’m also a forgiving person who believes in giving people chances to redeem themselves. 
Who knows… maybe this guy has gone on a bunch of dates and they were all duds.  Now he realizes he blew it with a cool girl like me and trying to make it right.  But at the same time, I’m not an idiot.  My eyes are wide open.

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