Team Red White and Blue Comes Through

What else can we say about Michael Phelps that hasn’t been already said?  Damn.  That man is just a machine.  Eight gold medals this Olympics and fourteen total.  The best of the best ever in the Olympic games history
Watching him swim and watching the entire team swim and win gold has been MORE than exciting to watch.  A few of those races were soooooo close and I was definitely one of those people in my living room yelling and cheering at the TV and I RARELY do that ever.
I also have to say hats off to Dara Torres!  41 year old mother???  Kicks ass and wins three silver medals???  Just misses gold by a teenager by one-hundredth of a second???
What a very rare, beautiful and proud few moments we have had with this team.  Way to go team USA!

2 Responses to “Team Red White and Blue Comes Through”

  1. Danger Zone Says:

    I guess you’ll be watching swimming every week after this from now on right?

  2. Martini Girl Says:

    naahhh. I’ll resume my porn watching schedule.

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