How Very High Tech

I am seriously snickering at this.  Microchipping cacti to avoid theft?  And just how is this going to work exactly?  Officials are called to the scene of the crime, staring at the gaping holes in the ground where the saguaros use to be.  But another official says, “Wait!  We have microchipped these suckas!” and busts out his trusty microchip reader.
Now what?  Go house to house with the reader?  Go to every landscaping company or nursery with the reader?  Do people find a stray saguaro wandering the streets without tags of identification and turn them in to the plant nursery where they have a microchip reader?
I’m all for preserving Arizona and against theft but this is a cost effective way to solve the problem?
Actually I’m convinced the saguaros are fleeing.  They pay a coyote to take them out of state where they are seeking better opportunity in Nevada.  How much you want to bet all these cacti are crammed together in a safe house right now?

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