Virgo Gets Deep

I found my horoscope to be interesting today.
Virgo Daily Extended for August 23, 2008 (Today)
Are you prepared for things to go to the next level? Whether it’s a new relationship, a work responsibility, or just your own journey to self-awareness, things are going to get deep, today. So get ready — take nothing for granted right now and keep an open mind. Any conversation can turn into something that changes your life, today, you just have to hear those cues when they are given. Be a bit bolder, and you’ll step right into a fantastic new opportunity.
Daily Flirt:
Try not to make a huge deal out of your big intellectual breakthrough today — it’s best to proceed with business as usual. In the long run, though, it is going to make a real difference in your life.
Daily Couples:
Today finds you in a soul-searching mood. You’ve had a lot on your mind, and you’d like to find some answers. Don’t worry about how your partner fits in; the two of you can adapt to any situation.
Daily Singles:
Be extra careful when communicating to someone new today. Your sense of humor could be taken the wrong way. Play it by ear and watch for negative body language before giving into sarcastic remarks.

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