Summer Wind

Later in the afternoon I wasn’t feeling well and nothing worked but laying down.  Soon I ended up taking a nap but then a little later woke up to wind.  Lots and lots of wind.  I love it.  I like hearing the trees rustling like crazy and the sound of my wind chimes.  I could even hear the wind whistling.  I looked out the window and the sun was still out. 
I was glad it woke me up because I didn’t want to take a long nap and oversleep.  Besides, I was dreaming that Rambo was spying on me with some super duper satellite cam and he could see inside my windows.  Soon it morphed into me all dressed up at some MCI awards banquet – but I didn’t know any of the people.  I kept frantically searching for my purse all the while some guy wouldn’t leave me alone.  The dreaming made me a little anxious.
About a half an hour later and the wind has completely stopped but the sky is a little cloudier.  Maybe we’ll get some rain.  If you ask me, I think our monsoon season has been too short and we could use some more showers.  Oh wait… I spoke too soon, the wind is back!  Tree scraping against my window in full force now.
In keeping with the “wind” theme I leave you with Dust In The Wind by Kansas.  I always think that Sarah Brightman has a really pretty version of this song too.  I hear her concerts are amazing.

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