Haven't Had The Strength

After all the Olympics events I totally forgot that the Satan Worshipping Democratic Convention was going to be going on immediately after the games were over this week.  So I haven’t really been watching it.  I barely got the last 7 min of the Hildebeast’s speech the other night.  I know I should be watching but just haven’t had the strength.  Anybody watch?  Anything interesting outside of the Bush/McCain bashing and bowing down to the Obamessiah?

3 Responses to “Haven't Had The Strength”

  1. Vox Says:

    I have been trying to avoid most of it. We were watching house last night, though, and they interrupted to broadcast her speech. How rude!

    If I had wanted to see it, I would have been watching one of the channels carrying the convention. Idiots.

    As soon as it was over, they went back to their regular programming (though we didn’t get to see the conclusion)

  2. Danger Zone Says:

    They are all mediocre. I’ll be voting Communist.

  3. Martini Girl Says:

    I find it funny that the main network TV channels STILL control us in what and how we watch TV. hahaha. I guess it’s for those people who still don’t have cable.

    I’d expect nothing less from you DZ since you are from Russia and a small town maniac!

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