Sunday With My Friends Fam-damnily

Spend the day with Barb and her relatives which was a lot of fun.  Good food, great weather, swimming, music, kids playing, chatting and playing cards.  It was really nice. 
The card game we played was called Apples to Apples and was entertaining.  Each player has 7 red apple cards, each with nouns on them from anything to festering sores to choir boys to Brad Pitt, etc.  A green apple adjective card gets drawn like “silly” and you have to pull a word from your red apple hand that you think is considered the most silly.  The person judging at the time picks which noun card that matches most and if they pick your card you get a point.  
At one point the green apple card was “useless” and someone’s red card that was thrown in the pot was “The UN” and I couldn’t stop laughing my ass off.  I was the only one laughing.  No it wasn’t my card, but that was funny as shit!

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