Wishful Thinking

Anyone know how to earn $3500 in a flash?  I  just thought I’d ask in case someone out there had the secret.  😉 
I once read about the story of how one dude started a trade with a paper clip and as the whole thing moved and evolved, I believe a girl ended up getting a year of free rent in a house.  Vox, wasn’t there someone you know related to that story or am I imagining that? 
All I know is, I’d settle for an all expense paid trip to South Korea for a week or two with a bit of spending cash.  You may think I’m joking, but I’m really not!

I'm Dreaming Of….

I Don't Know Any Other Way To Say It

Nancy Pelosi is such a BITCH
Good Lord people, get your heads out of your asses, quit with this political partisan crap and come together and look out for the American people!!!!!!!!!  Would it be too much to ask to come together and try to do something good?  To be above it all?  To get over yourselves?  To use a time to rally everyone and come together instead of spewing your own personal political shit?
And this my friends is WHY the bill did not pass today and why Wall Street took a dump AGAIN today. 
Yeah Nancy, this is the way to get the Republicans to vote for the bill, shit all over them and at a time where it was totally not appropriate.  I’m disgusted beyond words.

Time To Bring In Some Consultants

I think we really need to bring in some outside consultants to come in and help solve the problem in congress right now.  I think they would really do the American citizens a really good service with this solution. 
What do you think? 
They had the embedding option disabled (grrrrrrrrr) so see it here.

Get Your Flu Shot Dude!

I almost forgot that flu season is almost upon us and I quickly scrambled online to see where and when I could get a flu shot.  I’ll be getting one next week.  Of course since I no longer have medical insurance I’ll have to fork out $20 to $40 to get one.  I don’t care though, it’s worth it.  Because I’m not working and uninsured, that gives me all the more reason to get one anyway.  I can’t afford to be sick.
I have been getting a flu shot for the last four years and I swear by them.  It seems like every year before that I always managed to catch that crap and the last time I had it, it was a freaking doozy!!!  I was sick as a dog and it was the most miserable thing I had.  I told myself never again.  After that I started getting the shot every year and can say that I haven’t caught it since then.  It’s been nice too.  I think in those four years I caught a mild cold but nothing like the hellish flu.
I always get it early in the season which is October.  I recommend you get one too, especially if you have insurance, then you only have to pay a co-pay or it even may be free with insurance depending on the flu shot provider or where you get it.  I can’t remember.
For those of you who think getting the flu shot will give you the flu… that’s totally false people.  The virus they inject you with is dead. 
There is my public service announcement for the week.

Election Ice Cream

I did really well on my eating plan last week and lost 6 lbs.  This week…. um…. well…. not quite sure what the scale is going to tell me tomorrow because I sort of fell off the wagon.  Grrrrrrrr.
I think I may go to Golden Corral for lunch or dinner since I’m too lazy to cook today.  At least there I can make some good choices and still feel satisfied.  Of course I have been really craving ice cream this week.  I want sex a whole lot right now and so because I’m not getting any, the next best thing comes into play.  Ice Cream. 
Baskin Robbins is doing a cute promotion of two new flavors for the upcoming election.  Straight Talk Crunch and Whirl of Change.  I thought that was cute.  Maybe I can just get 1 child size scoop of the Straight Talk Crunch.  I’ll wait till next week when I have had a better food week.

Calgon Take Me Away

I had to turn off the TV for the last two days.  I couldn’t take watching the news a min. more.  Everyone is soooooo pissed off at this financial mess we are in.  Rightly so.  Watching all the news people, the commentators, the politicians, regular American citizens, my friends, my family and so on just raising their voices and being really angry is just amazing.  Yes even I have gotten really pissed at some stuff and that’s why I just had to shut the TV off.  I haven’t even read much online either.  It’s like I said before, wake me when it’s over.
I just need a job and getting more and more pissed off at that right now for many many reasons.  I’m sooooooooooooo SICK of filling shit out for a job and no one calls me.  This is ridiculous!  It’s obvious to me that no one is hiring or they are just too flooded with people looking for work that they have way too many resumes or apps to look at.  Maybe I need to resort to selling AVON or something but is there even any money to be made in that right now in this economy?  Good grief.
I think I may take a long hot soak in the tub.