Is That All Ya Got?

The hurricane is still doing it’s thing and the start of the Republican Convention is preparing to get underway.  The breaking news right now is so-called “peace” protesters going ape shit and violent near the convention.  Mmmm… good peace message eh?  I just love all these ignorant, hippie, hypocrites. 
A Fox News reporter is out there trying to get their messages and get them to talk on camera about their cause and these jackasses come back with, “YOU support the war!  YOU have blood on your hands!”  The reporter says that he didn’t start the war and is just out trying to report the news and capture their messages and then asks again what they stand for and what they are protesting.  The guy just repeats himself saying the reporter has blood on his hands and then the whole crowd goes into a chant of “Fox News sucks!  Fox News sucks!  Fox News sucks!”
I say to these brilliant people… is that all you got?  Fox News sucks?  Wow.  You guys really have a major cause!  I loathe most protesters no matter what they are protesting or whatever their politics and I do understand the right to do so and freedom of speech and all that.  I hate the protestors of the Viet Nam vets of the 60’s/70’s but at least they had some more thought out messages and agendas that made more sense compared to the nitwit protestors of today.  They just jump on a bandwagon of “Yeah, I’ll go out and protest!” and yet have no freaking idea of what they are even protesting.  Fox News Sucks.  How thought provoking.

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