Jackasses Of The Week

I used to do a weekly write up on the current jackasses of the week on my old political blog Right We Are!  Not sure I’ll resume that on a regular basis or anything here but this week we have had a good handful surface in just a matter of DAYS of the latest events.
Jackass Of The Week #1 – Michael Moore
All of my readers who have followed my other blogs know how much I loathe this lying pile of shit.  Well this week he shows his true jackass form by saying that the latest hurricane is “proof that there is a God in heaven” and laughs.  This is a man who claims to be such a man of the people.  How nice.  I’m sure all the people in FL and LA who are fleeing their homes really appreciate that.  He made the comment for his own glib satisfaction of anything that would take away from the Republican Convention.  Never mind the fact that people could get hurt, killed, lose their homes, pets and possessions a 2nd time.
And while we are on the subject of this loser, I figure I would give my new readers something to go and rent next time you are looking for a movie.  Rent Fahrenhype 911.  A documentary that totally shows you the facts on how and where Michael Moore spins, edits and flat out LIES about the things in his so-called documentary Fahrenheit 911.  It’s interesting to see the real veterans, soldiers families, politicians and even the school teacher President Bush was with all set the record straight on stuff about THEM in Michael Moore’s film.  The whole movie isn’t all MM bashing and does have some really good things in it I think people should see.  I really don’t hate people but I HATE this man.
Jackass Of The Week #2 – P. Diddy
You HAVE to watch this video.  Just to see how not only insane this guy is but what a complete and utter ignoramus he is.  The guy can’t finish a sentence.  The guy knows NOTHING.  No black people in Alaska.  No crime in Alaska.  He says they need to get versed in “black” policies.  Yes sports fans, these are all his words.  And the way he is communicating these words…. you have to watch this.  Gawd what a HUGE jackass.  Hat tip to Vox.
Jackass Of The Week #3 – Alan Colmes (From Hannity & Colmes on Fox News)
Sometimes I respect Alan and sometimes, like in cases like this, I don’t.  The guy starts going on to question Sarah Palin’s pregnancy and how she is irresponsible.  He got a lot of nasty comments on his blog.  So he yanked it.  Tried to lie and say it was technical problems.  What’s funny is that Wizbang did a whole post on it and what’s even funnier is that we know that Alan reads Wizbang and steals other bloggers screenshots calling him out.  You have got to go read the whole thing at Wizbang.  Bahahaha. 
Jackass Of The Week #4 – Moonbat Lefties
So I knew the moment I found out that Sarah Palin was the VP that the lefties were going to crucifier her and rake her over the coals in the most nastiest ways possible.  Well the latest and greatest of these is that they are saying that Sarah’s last child is not her child but her teenage daughter’s child.  How freaking desperate are these people to grasp at such things and bend them to these extremes?  How very Michael Moore.  All I can say is man… these people must all be really scared.  The unfortunate thing is that it is going to get much, much worse.  What’s really sad is that her poor kids are going to get dragged in really heartless moonbattery stuff like this.  Leave people’s kids alone.

4 Responses to “Jackasses Of The Week”

  1. Vox Says:

    I think you need to include Don Fowler’s Gustav comments along with Jabba the Moore – same general idea, and laughing to boot


  2. Danger Zone Says:

    You’ll need someone with brain cells when McCain gets Alzheimers like Reagan did through his whole presedential term, so I suppose this broad is as good as anyone.

  3. Vox Says:

    Why would you assume that McCain would get Alzheimer’s? Or wish it on him, as it sounds like you are? There is no indication whatsoever that it is in his future.

    His mother is in her 90’s and is both mentally and physically quite fit.

    Alzheimer’s is a horrible disease for the afflicted and for the family and friends who love them. It is not a punchline.

    I have a feeling there are a couple of “broads” who would be happy to kick your a$$ for that comment.

  4. Martini Girl Says:

    Don’t mind this guy Vox. He’s just some dude I picked up at a bar and used for sex. On top of that he couldn’t forgive me when I told him that I liked Michael Buble music. 😛

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