Only 10 Shopping Days Left

My Birthday is on the 10th and I’m trying to decide how to celebrate it.  Hmmm… should I have friends over?  Should I go out?  Should I take a road trip?  Should I spend the day doing something like visiting a museum, show or doing some pottery?  Or should I just hang out at my house and do nothing like it’s a regular day?  It’s kind of varied over the years but a majority of the time I just hang with a friend, my parents or don’t do anything. 
Maybe I’ll just buy a pack of Hostess Sno-balls, stick a candle in and wash them down with a few ‘tinis.  Speaking of martinis, I bought some of this stuff and made a great Mangotini.  I’ll be sipping on these as I watch my Republican pep rally over the next few days.  Just damn the store didn’t carry the pomegranate flava!
And speaking of Birthday Bling that you should buy me… jewels would look good decorating my freshly manicured hands.  Lately I have been eyeing black Onyx things like this, this, this and this.  I also think this and this would look good on me too!  My hands need to be decorated (in a size 9).  😉

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