Taking The High Road

So the news is out about Sarah’s daughter being pregnant.  Yes she is pregnant now and certainly not the mother of Trig.  I say to this… who cares?  This is their family business and her daughters condition has nothing to do with how Sarah will do her job effectively. 
Leave people’s kids alone.  Most of you are parents I’m sure, and wouldn’t like it too kindly if the media and everyone in the world were dragging your kids in the public eye just because of what you do for a living.
I must say that Jon over at Exurban League has the right attitude here.  He takes the high road very nicely.  Beautiful photo of the Obama family too.  Well done Jon.  Well done.

2 Responses to “Taking The High Road”

  1. Vox Says:

    I think you will like this one

    (I think my blog will explode if I post any more Palin stuff tonight…)

  2. Martini Girl Says:

    Very nice!

    And you can blog Palin all you want chicky. I’ll read and enjoy it!

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