Please Send The Good Energy

Today I got a random call from a HR person from a company looking for a Training Manager.  She saw my resume online and liked not only my experience but my numbers successes and said it’s what they are looking for. 
She scheduled an interview with me for tomorrow morning.  Then she called me back minutes later and said that the CEO is speaking at a company orientation tonight and would I be available to attend that as well.  She said she thought it would be good for me to attend and she can introduce me around.  HELL YES I’m available!  A chance to network and meet the big cheese before the interview?  You bet I’m going.  I’ll have to DVR the Republican convention.
I have to admit I’m nervous.   I never use to be when it came to interviews.   I’m nervous about NOT getting the job only because I NEED it so bad.  It sucks because I have to be careful how and what I say because the last thing I want to do is come across as desperate or needy and yet this is soooo important.  Never has a job interview been this important to me.  I need this job!
I ask to all of you reading that you say a prayer for me to land this job.
I have to be at this place for this meet and greet in less than 3 hours so gotta jump in the shower, mapquest the directions and get cracking! 

2 Responses to “Please Send The Good Energy”

  1. danger zone Says:

    This is great! Good luck gorgeous, got my fingers crossed for you.

  2. Nail Whore Says:

    Oh hell yes! Ive got my prayers going out for you! This is it! I can feel it! GO GO GO!!

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