Sneaky, Sneaky, Sne… Oh Hell… Let's Just Call It Lies

So…. my last post about the job interview.  Yeah it was bogus.  In a nutshell this company was basically looking to rope me in and do a sales job on me about this job.  The position is not a Training Manager.  It’s a sales position with NO salary.  Commission only. 
To make a long story short, I picked up on the clues at the meet and greet and decided before I waste my time and gas driving all the way to Tempe again for the interview, I called that lady and grilled her.  Then basically told them no thanks when I got my confirmations.
Usually I can spot these assclowns by the emails they send and the phone messages they leave.  But this little punk had the audacity to say this was a Training Manager position to me on the phone yesterday.
Interesting how employers won’t hire you or fire you for being dishonest on your resume, job application, etc.  But yet more and more I see employers lying to interviewees about jobs and what the job really is and a whole lot of other stuff.  I notice it more and more and more.  

One Response to “Sneaky, Sneaky, Sne… Oh Hell… Let's Just Call It Lies”

  1. Nail Whore Says:

    im sorry. thats fucked up….

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