The John McCain Speech

The thing about this guy is that he doesn’t do well with the big teleprompter speeches.  He’s much better one on one and in the town hall type of settings.  Where as Obama is good in this setting but not well in the town hall settings.  We all know this of course.  It wasn’t much different tonight in my opinion.
The 1st and 2nd chunks of the speech had me quite bored frankly.  It was just the same ole stuff we have heard and know and it wasn’t jazzy, charismatic or really inspiring.
He did go on to say what he would do in the White House, Obama, the parties, Palin, education, economy, drilling and so on.  Again, even though he went over this stuff, I still wasn’t really moved.  Nothing like Sarah Palin’s speech or anything Ronald Reagan could have done.  Again, this is just not McCain.
Then he got to the very personal stuff about him and his POW experience.  Now I must say, I’m getting really tired of his POW story.  Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a huge troops and military supporter as a daughter of a career soldier.  Yes, you can’t deny this amazing story and what he went through.  It was extraordinary.  The story has been getting told way too much over and over.  *Yawn*
When he himself talked about it here in this speech, it was different.  It got my attention.  It got my pride.  It got me in the soft spot.  It was his tone.  It was the words he chose.  It was the way he described it.  It was from his heart.  He was sincere, humble, believable and showed just how much this guy really and truly does care about America.  The part that got me the most was when he said that after so much torture, it finally got to a point where they broke him.  How bad he felt and let down his country and the other men.  How the other men tapped through the wall and said basically he had nothing to be ashamed of, to stand up and that they were with him.  How these guys saved his life.  I really felt John McCain here.
Soon after this whole piece McCain went into the whole “Stand up and fight with me” statements and it was good and inspirational. 
The problem was, I wish he would have done all that earlier in the speech or cut the speech down.  Because the speech was long, if people tuned out then they missed the best part. 
Did the speech change anything about how I feel one way or the other with McCain?  Not in a major way no.  Did his choice for VP?  You bet!When it’s time for the debates, that’s when it’s going to get more interesting.
On a total side note here, I couldn’t help but chuckle when they were playing Barracuda by Heart after Sarah Palin’s “barracuda” nickname.  Too cute.

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