Obama's Staff, Stupid or Sneaky?

This ad from the NObama camp really rips into McCain being behind the times because he “still doesn’t know how to use the internet or use email.”
Umm… yeah…. It’s not that McCain hasn’t learned how to do those things, it’s because he CAN’T do those things because of his POW injuries.  McCain’s war injuries prevent him from combing his hair, using a keyboard, tying his shoes, and he can’t raise his arm above his shoulder.  Just observe that when you see him wave to the crowds.
Here is another gem.  Obama keeps accusing the McCain and the Repubs on the whole financial fiasco going on and yet, the dems are the top three contributors and Obama was number TWO.  Yeah, Obama fails to mention that doesn’t he.  Be sure to watch the clip she links in the post.
Then we have this Obama Spanish ad slamming McCain on saying he is racist on the immigration.  There are definitely some factual issues in the ad.
You would think these people working for Obama would at least do their homework on the facts before putting out these ads. 
At the same time I wonder if this staff knows exactly what they are doing.  They probably do know the real facts and just put these ads out anyway because they bank on the American public not knowing the truth or taking the time to investigate the real facts.  It’s like a trial when a lawyer clearly says something he/she is not supposed to and the judge says, “The jury will disregard that comment” but you know they really can’t.  It was said.  The jury heard it and the lawyer knows it. 
Either way… it’s really rather pathetic from the Obama camp.

One Response to “Obama's Staff, Stupid or Sneaky?”

  1. Autorotate Says:

    Its the mantra, they want to put out…not the facts.

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