Sex And The Phoenix

I remember when I had a cute male roommate and one night he plopped down on the sofa and joined me in watching TV.  I was of course watching Sex and the City.  I think it was back during the 1st or 2nd season.  After some funny dialogue, he turned to me with his jaw dropped and asked, “Do women really talk like that?”  I laughed and said, “I can’t speak for all women but I know my friends and I do.” 
Every time I’m with my gal pal we cut up so much.  When I get my nails done by her in the shop we are so bad with our conversations and laugh so loud.  All the hair dressers in the place are always wondering what on earth we are laughing so hard at every time I come in.  Here was just one of our conversations on Saturday.
Our Thoughts on Fox News
Me:  Damn, I dig Shep Smith on Fox News. 
Her:  Yeah he is such a cute little stud.
Me:  And Sean Hannity, mmmm.
Her:  I know they are both hotties.
Me:  I’d do ’em.
Her:  *laughing* 
Me:  I bet Sean is a kinky fuck too.  Nice and rough.  Rawr!
Her:  *laughing*  Oh I be he is.  You just know those conservative guys are more freaky.
Me:  I wonder which one is the bigger freak in the sack. 
Her:  Might be fun to do ’em both at the same time.
Me:  It would be a nice little Fox News sandwich.
Both:  *hysterical laughter that doesn’t stop*
Gay Male Hairdresser:  *walks up with hands on hips.*  (we see him and laugh harder.)  What are you two laughing about??  When you start doing nails at your house, I want to come over and take part in these conversations you two always have!”
Her:  We’ll call ya.
Me:  Bring Martinis!
And this is one of our more tame conversations. 
After reading that conversation, I can’t help but think of Shep’s tag line on Fox News…. “Enter the G Block and Go Around the World in 80 Seconds.”  Now I’m thinking he might just be the freakier one!

6 Responses to “Sex And The Phoenix”

  1. Nail Whore Says:

    Oh!!!!! Im laughing my butt off again over here. A Fox sandwich!! HAHAHAHAThat was so flippin funny. All those stylists are jealous that they dont have a client as aweosme as you!! Now everytime I hear Shep speak his tag line I am going to giggle like a school girl….. Carlo is going to wonder whats up…..Actually, I think he already does!

  2. Danger Zone Says:

    Bon Scott, now that’s a real man’s man.

  3. Martini Girl Says:

    He’s a man’s man, I can’t argue that. I just don’t feel any attraction towards him. I tend to go for the man’s man who clumsily fall down and turn broken bottles on themselves.

  4. Martini Girl Says:

    Barb, I’m glad you could have a good laugh again and you are sweet. So I’ll see you tonight at my place? I have the camera and chocolate sauce, you bring the whips and illegal drugs.

  5. Nail Whore Says:

    You got it babe! See you soon!

  6. danger zone Says:

    Don’t tell her what we talked about yesterday.

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