Game on

So the debate between Obama and McCain will go on as planned tonight after all.  I’m sure cry baby Obama is happy.  I have to hand it to McCain for saying he was going to put his campaign on hold for a few days and wanting to postpone the debate so that he could help out with the financial crisis.  It’s too bad Obama didn’t take him up on the offer and said, “If they need me they can call me.”  How nice.  You are, after all a SENATOR and should be doing the job you are being paid for while the country is about to financially collapse.  Oh he ended up going after Bush asked them both to come.  But still, he looked like an ass.
Vox and I had laughed when we saw/heard people already spinning and saying McCain was just chicken to debate Obama.  I find that funny since McCain had been trying to get Obama to debate with him all summer and he declined.  Vox and I think that Obama had spent so much time cramming for this debate he was afraid to let it wait for fear of forgetting everything he crammed for.  bahahaha
But the game is on.  John is showing up and an hour from now will see the show.  This will be interesting.  How much slamming and lying will go on?  Plenty I’m sure on both sides.  But John will have a leg up on this debate since it’s focusing on National Security and Foreign Policy.  I’m sure the only defense we’ll keep hearing out of Obama’s mouth is how McCain is too much like Bush.  Well I hope so on this issue.  Because we need to protect our country and not take any shit.  Sorry if that offends your delicate sensibilities Obama but I like a Prez who won’t let people bomb U.S. Naval ships like the USS Cole and get away with it like the last democrat did.

One Response to “Game on”

  1. Nail Whore Says:

    oh my word….. is this the most boring debate ever……….{yawn}…………………….. {snore}…………………………

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