More Really Cool Girl Talk

A friend and I were chatting and we went from interest rates to locks being licked in 10 seconds.
Me:  I don’t look at the statements too much since I’m on auto pay for the bank
Her:  Well, I am out of here to rent season 2 of Dexter and pick up pizza and go get laid  😀
Me:  LOLOLOL Awesome
Me:  Have fun!
Her:  If I’m lucky, I’ll even get the lock licked – have you heard/seen that joke?
Me:  LOLOLOL no.  But I’m laughing my ass off!
I’m amused and jealous at the same time!

One Response to “More Really Cool Girl Talk”

  1. Vox Says:

    Here is a short version:

    A guy invites a girl home from a bar.

    As they approach his door, she says, “You know, I can tell a lot about a lover from the way he opens his door. If he shoves the key in the lock and flings open the door, I know he’s too rough. If he fumbles forever getting the key into the lock, I know he’s no good. What is your technique?”

    “Well, first I lick the lock.”

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