Calgon Take Me Away

I had to turn off the TV for the last two days.  I couldn’t take watching the news a min. more.  Everyone is soooooo pissed off at this financial mess we are in.  Rightly so.  Watching all the news people, the commentators, the politicians, regular American citizens, my friends, my family and so on just raising their voices and being really angry is just amazing.  Yes even I have gotten really pissed at some stuff and that’s why I just had to shut the TV off.  I haven’t even read much online either.  It’s like I said before, wake me when it’s over.
I just need a job and getting more and more pissed off at that right now for many many reasons.  I’m sooooooooooooo SICK of filling shit out for a job and no one calls me.  This is ridiculous!  It’s obvious to me that no one is hiring or they are just too flooded with people looking for work that they have way too many resumes or apps to look at.  Maybe I need to resort to selling AVON or something but is there even any money to be made in that right now in this economy?  Good grief.
I think I may take a long hot soak in the tub.

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