Election Ice Cream

I did really well on my eating plan last week and lost 6 lbs.  This week…. um…. well…. not quite sure what the scale is going to tell me tomorrow because I sort of fell off the wagon.  Grrrrrrrr.
I think I may go to Golden Corral for lunch or dinner since I’m too lazy to cook today.  At least there I can make some good choices and still feel satisfied.  Of course I have been really craving ice cream this week.  I want sex a whole lot right now and so because I’m not getting any, the next best thing comes into play.  Ice Cream. 
Baskin Robbins is doing a cute promotion of two new flavors for the upcoming election.  Straight Talk Crunch and Whirl of Change.  I thought that was cute.  Maybe I can just get 1 child size scoop of the Straight Talk Crunch.  I’ll wait till next week when I have had a better food week.

2 Responses to “Election Ice Cream”

  1. Nail Whore Says:

    LOL not at you falling off the wagon but because im right there with you. I had a hard week. i was a raving bitch and i know food would have calmed the beast in me. I was horrible! I dont know about this… We shall see tomorrow night!! If now bring on the tinis and lets party!! just kiddin…. or am i?

  2. Vox Says:

    Here’s an easy one – McDonald’s has reduced fat ice cream, and it is pretty yummy..and cheap.

    130 calories for a cone (perfect for a snack)
    even the hot fudge sundae only takes you to 330 calories.

    Big and creamy enough to satisfy the craving, small and light enough to keep you from feeling too guilty 🙂

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