I'm Out of Stuff to Do

I have never been married or have kids so I have pretty much lived on my own since I was 18 years old aside from room mates in the younger days.  I’ve been a pretty independent person and for the most part a more introverted kind of personality.  So I don’t mind doing things by myself or going places like the movies or out to dinner by myself.
But seriously…. after not working for a year and having a job to go to every day…. I have finally reached complete boredom at a new level that will NOT go away.  I’m bored with every single thing I do.  Looking for jobs – bored.  Watching TV – bored.  Reading – bored.  Cooking – bored.  Eating – bored.  Cleaning – bored.  Surfing the web – bored.  Cleaning out closets – bored.  Blogging – bored.  Porn – bored.  Going for walks – bored.
The other problem to this is I can’t really go out much.  I can’t go shopping or the movies or a bar or bowling or take trips or go to the gym or anything that costs money since I’m unemployed.  Ugh.  A nasty catch 22 here.
It’s also difficult to go to a friends house or have them come here a lot since most of them are married with kids and such. 
Normally I wouldn’t be this bored with things, like I said, I’ve been single and independent all my life.  But not working this long is making me turn to mush.
I soooo feel like Vyvyan in this scene from the “Bored” episode of the Young Ones.  One of my favorite British shows.  heh.



Trick Or Treat

Part of me didn’t want to participate in Halloween this year and just keep my lights off.  But then I changed my mind.  I know there are quite a few empty houses and I didn’t want to cheat the kiddies of their fun.
I didn’t buy much candy this year since it seems like the last few years I have been getting less and less trick or treaters.  Smart move because once again I really didn’t get many.
One man stopped by with his two really cute little girls and I asked him where everyone was.  He said it’s because there are a lot of empty houses and a lot of people who don’t have their lights on and are probably not in the spirit this year given all that is going on.  I told him of my job situation and he recently got laid off too.  He got another job which of course is a lot lower pay now and no companies seem to be hiring right now.  Everything seems to be frozen or they are waiting till after the election.
Then he brought up Obama and how it scares him to know he would be in office and raising our taxes.  I started to laugh and agreed.  Then he gave me his card and told me about some career networking group that he is a part of and told me to email him and he would send me the info.  I’m taking him up on it.  So that was a good thing.
Some of the other usual stuff I do, I just didn’t this year.  I usually carve a pumpkin and bake the seeds.  I also usually make myself a nice dinner like crock pot chili or something and have sparkling cider or even a cool cocktail.  I didn’t do any of it this year.  I was too lazy I guess.
And now I’m clicking through all the channels and there are no good scary movies on.  Halloween night and no good movies?  How lame.  Oh well.  I have my health and my home.  Knock wood.
I hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween.

All Hollows Eve


A gentle breeze rustling the dry cornstalks.
A sound is heard, a goblin walks.
A harvest moon suffers a black cat’s cry.
Oh’ do the witches fly!
Bonfire catches a pumpkins gleam.
Rejoice, it’s Halloween!

How Would You Like To Support A Family?

Yeah, I’m not talking about your own family.  I’m talking about your family in addition to adopting and supporting another family who won’t contribute.  Because that my friends is the whole thing about the Obama Tax plan, his medical plan and other hand out programs he will want to incorporate.  Forget feeding your own kids and putting them through college… I mean that’s just greedy and racist right?
And these families just can’t wait to have you support them with your hard earned money!


“I never thought this day would happen. . . . I won’t have to work on puttin’ gas in my car. I won’t have to work at payin’ my mortgage.  You know. If I help him, he’s gonna help me.”
Hat tip to Wizbang.

Take A Veteran To School Day

I think this is super cool!  I wish my schools had done something like this back in the day!  I would have totally brought my dad and I know he would have loved doing it as much as I would have loved having him in the classroom.  Bravo to you History Channel.

Girl On A Bike

Now THIS is interesting.

Did It Even Change Anything?

Did anyone watch the 30 min. Obama infomercial that was on last night?  I didn’t.  I was actually at the store and when I got home it was over.  Not that I’m crying the blues or anything but just had some mild curiosity to see what kind of Obamessiah nonsense they would put together for this HUGE earth shattering event.  I have Dish TV anyway so if it was crap, I had other channels to choose from.
I went on YouTube and started to watch it.  I seriously started laughing the first 2 min. into this thing as they tried to make Obama all Presidential and shit with his crisp suit on and walking out from behind a Presidential looking desk and chair.  But the icing on the cake was the Messiah-like music they were playing in the background.  Oh man.
I got bored very quickly and started to jump ahead in the video.  Oh it was all so pretty with amber waves of grain blowing in the wind.  Then they featured these stories of families struggling and whining like on Oprah or something.  Does he think he is sharing anything new here?  I’m living it peoples.  I don’t need to see more people doing the same, I know. 
And yet what is sad is this guy from what I could tell didn’t really get specific on just HOW he was going to fix this.  You know why?  Because ladies and gentlemen…. A PRESIDENT CAN’T!!!!!!  No matter who is in office the President of the United States of America cannot “fix” the economy or fix your life.  It just doesn’t work that way. 
I got bored and jumped around some more.  It was all the same.  Nothing really eye opening here.  I didn’t really watch a spot more than 30 seconds before I jumped again.  I was so bored that I just skipped his live part altogether.
To me it looked like a waste of money and time.  It was basically a snapshot of what he has been continuously looping on his 24/7 Obama channel on Dish with a live rally speech stuck on the end of it.
It just seemed like something Hitler would do if he were in power today.  But frankly, the Hitler infomercial would have been much more interesting to watch than this Obama Harlequin romance novel.  Oh, but I’m sure people like Oprah were weeping.  I’d rather be forced to watch all 20 nights of the Thorn Birds or re-runs of Hee Haw. 
Vox had a pretty simple response to it.  heh.