Stop Stealing The Songs!

I have ranted about this before on my old blog but I had to mention it again.  I really, really, really wish that people who write TV commercials would STOP using real songs and go back to writing their own damn jingles!
Baby Come Back by Player is now officially ruined for me.  It’s ruined to the point I can’t ever listen to or enjoy it again.  Ever.  All thanks to the good folks at Swiffer cleaning products.  What’s worse is that they not only have one, not two, not three, but four freaking versions of this, using the song.  And to top that off even more…. that fourth one has a Mariachi band singing it with their Mexican accents!  I swear every channel is playing these ads and Fox News seems to constantly play them.  UGH.
Nobody writes their own memorable advertising jingles anymore.  To me they were better!  Like Dr. Pepper, Band-Aid, Oscar Myer, State Farm and so on.  Damn, re-hire Barry Manilow!  The only one that seems to do it these days is Empire.  You all know the phone number right?

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