Drier Than The Sahara

Is it me or does it seem drier than normal in Phoenix right now?  I swear the last few days my mouth feels like I have been eating dry, uncooked oatmeal.  Yesterday I was thirsty as hell and have never been that thirsty in my life.  I had cotton mouth all day long and then noticed my ankles were swelling and retaining water – a sign I’m not drinking enough water.  Not to mention my lips have been chapped every day for like a week now.
Last night I think I drank a gallon of water and it STILL did not seem to quench my cotton mouth.  I just kept drinking and drinking.  I was surprised I didn’t run to the bathroom like twenty times but then it’s obvious my body is lacking water and holding on to it.  I also ran my vaporizer last night in my bedroom while I slept.  My ankles, lips and mouth are much better today but sheesh!  I’m going to have to nurse some water every day now.
Bring on some rain please.

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