I'm Being Attacked By A Wild Animal In My Sleep

I’d like to say it was a hot man that comes into my bed at night but unfortunately that isn’t the case. 
For the third morning in a row I have woke up in the morning to find a red scratch on my body.  Obviously my cat Lola is leaving these marks.  I must be rolling over on her or startling her with movement causing her to jump or move out of the way quickly and instinctively with her claws out.  Either that or she is secretly plotting on how to kill me.
The first morning I awoke with a scratch on my upper arm.  The second morning I awoke to see a scratch on my chest.  And now this morning I see a scratch on my lower arm.
I must be one hell of a sound sleeper because I don’t wake up when she does it and those claws of hers are damn sharp.
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2 Responses to “I'm Being Attacked By A Wild Animal In My Sleep”

  1. Martini Girl Says:

    I bet she misses you.

  2. Stop The Madness « Desert Martini Says:

    […] riding on trains, fights and all kinds of stuff.  Not to mention I’m waking up with some scratches on me again – obviously I’m rolling over or scaring my cat again during the night.    Then of course I […]

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