Ahh Those Kisses

I ended up doing my presentation on the kiss and it was a big hit.  I included this video at the end of the presentation on one of my slides.  Because it was sort of a long video for a 15 to 20 min presentation, I paused it in the middle and asked them if they wanted me to stop it there to save time or did they want to finish watching it. 
They got mad at me for stopping it and demanded to see the rest.  So I resumed it.  I got a kick out of them raising a ruckus at me stopping it.
Anyway, I thought I would share it here because it was a great video.  Looks great if you expand the video to full screen.  And I do love the song being played to these clips.  Oh and it has my favorite Rhett Butler line in here too.  heh.  Can you guess all the movies?

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