ACORN Is Out Of Control

Why in the hell isn’t the mainstream media and voters all over this ACORN crap?  If John McCain or any other Republican were affiliated with this group and how much voter fraud they are conducting, they’d all be crying rape!  Makes my head spin to think how fast and furious they’d report it and hammer it to death.
Obama is totally linked with this shady organization and yet they keep on getting away with registering dead people, fake people, cartoon characters and so on.  Why isn’t John McCain jumping all over this? 
This organization should be suspended right freaking now!  They should not be allowed to continue registering voters from this point on since they are barely under investigation.  Shut it down while you investigate them.  Any registration applications through this group should ALL be pulled and revoked.  If you are a legit voter, then you need to re-register through a new organization.  They should do this for ANY organization that displays any kind of fraud.  Shut them down.  No tolerance.  Period.

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