Makes An Ass Out of You and Me

I was reading some blog today and this woman was going on about how people “assume” her political and religious beliefs and got all offended they “assumed” she was a Republican and how someone was expressing they liked Palin and their views on right to life.  Yes, I do agree they shouldn’t assume and they shouldn’t be talking about such issues with a stranger.
Then this woman went on to “assume” herself that a “Christian politician” is going to decide for people the right to do with their bodies.  Meaning…. all Republicans are hell bent bible beaters who will change Roe vs. Wade if we elect them.
Just was is it about democrats that INSIST that republicans are going to change the abortion laws??  Come on people.  Get your head out of your asses.  Roe vs. Wade will never be overturned.  It hasn’t yet and most likely never will be.  Just because a person believes something or has a different view on something doesn’t mean they will change it for you.  Get a grip.
Just like how alcohol used to be illegal.  I’m sure many people didn’t want that to happen and there are people still today who don’t drink and don’t believe in it.  But has it been overturned?  No. 
I’m a republican but….. I am PRO-CHOICE.  I am a woman first and it is my opinion that a woman has the right to make her own decisions on something like this.  I believe that what ever a woman decides is not going to be an easy decision, she’ll have to live with it and it’s no one else’s business.  I’m not saying what I believe is right or wrong and I respect other people who value the pro-life stance.  It’s their values and beliefs and I can respect that totally.  I just know that myself personally, I believe in choice.
But automatically assuming that someone who is pro-life is going to swoop in and reverse Roe vs. Wade and tell women what to do with their pregnancy just blows me away.  Yes, Sarah Palin gives her “opinion” on what SHE believes, NOT forcing YOU to do the same.  Come on.  Do you really think that Sarah Palin will fight to change the abortion laws when she is in office?  No and you are an assclown if you keep thinking that and spewing it.  I mean aren’t we done with this old, non issue yet?

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