Finally… A Debate With Some Balls

I was very pleasantly surprised with the final debate last night.  Finally!  Finally a half way decent debate.  Finally McCain steps it up and nails some things.  Finally, McCain comes back to Obama with a snarky and fitting comment after Obama threw the Bush connection at him yet again.  McCain looks right at him and says, “Senator Obama, I’m not President Bush.  If you wanted run against President Bush, you should have run four years ago.”  Bam.
I liked them sitting at the table better.  I liked the questions better.  I liked hearing the candidates answers better.  I liked that McCain finally got a little more Moxie this time.  He called out Obama on some things and had some really good moments.  “Why raise ANYONE’S taxes?!” He also could have had even more and I think missed some opportunities but… I think it’s the best we can expect from McCain at this point.
McCain won this one.  He totally did.
But…. jackass America will still vote for Obama.  Even though his tax plan will screw us all.  It will folks.  It really will.  Get ready for the crap ass times like in the 70’s under President Jimmy Carter.

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