This Should Have Been a Mandatory Show

I’m watching 20/20 tonight and I must say that John Stassel had a really EXCELLENT special piece tonight.  Everyone in America should have watched it.
It covered candidate promises and how they are just not cable of really doing them and how they usually end up hurting us.  It covered the financial crisis and how it really started – by government forcing banks to give more home loans to just any Tom, Dick and Harry.  People blamed Bush/Republicans for de-regulating that caused the crisis – 20/20 revealed how this is totally FALSE and a big misconception.  They showed examples of Government hindering the Katrina re-building and there was some eye opening stuff in this whole bit.  Volunteers have made and are making it happen, government is almost at a standstill with the progress.
People expect their candidate or government to help them, motivate them, pay for everything, control everything and make things better when this is sooooo not the case.  Experts and analysts say that it’s “Spontaneous Order” that makes us all do better – NOT control by someone else, mandates, rules, bosses, etc.  In other words, NOT government.  They gave some really, really outstanding examples of this.
It’s what made America great.  People.  People made America great, not government.
VERY interesting piece on farming subsidies.  There was a lot I didn’t know about it and what I learned was pretty appalling.  They pointed out one country that completely did away with farm subsidies and that was New Zealand – there were riots and fears that farms would go under and people would starve.  But the opposite happened, they quadrupled their farming success once they got off government handouts.  They did it WITHOUT government help.
There were many, many things covered in the show.  Many examples.  It all comes down to LESS GOVERNMENT INVOLVEMENT.  Government does not make life better for people.  People do.  People through learning things, inventing things, building things, making our own decisions, living our lives and so on.  That’s what makes us grow and makes life better. 
If you are not a conservative or even hate any kind of party or politics, I hate to say it but this is what conservatives are about, trying to have LESS government and liberals are about MORE government.  Obama will not solve our problems.  McCain will not solve our problems.  Bail outs will not solve our problems.  We have to solve our problems.  A lot of the American population does not seem to understand this.
I could go on and on but there was just too much covered in the show for me to cover here.  It was good and like I said, it should have been mandatory TV viewing for every American.

2 Responses to “This Should Have Been a Mandatory Show”

  1. Martini Girl Says:

    Good link Vox. Thanks. I just don’t get why Americans don’t seem to see this big picture.

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