Be There Or Be Square!

A few of us Arizona, conservative bloggers will be getting together for a cool shindig on election night.  Vox in all her awesomeness has gotten us a condo in Scottsdale.  We decided on a pot-luck dinner and booze (if you choose to bring some.)  The place is complete with 3 TV’s, WiFi, kitchen, etc. etc.  Vox and I have already tossed some ideas around on making this a fun experience so it should be a blast. We’ll have some goodies for you.  Be sure to let Vox know if you are coming, what you are brining and any guests if you haven’t done so already.
When and Where is it?
Tuesday, November 4th – election day/night.  Doors open at 2:00 pm till whenever we feel like it!  We will be at the Scottsdale Villa Mirage Condos – We won’t have the unit number until November 1st.
What should I bring?
I know people are wondering what to bring for food and drinks and we want to be creative.  For example, I’m making “Maverick Meatballs” heh heh.  Here are some ideas that maybe some of you could use.
For those of you who can’t/won’t/don’t cook….
A few boxes of those red, white and blue popsicle rockets would be a cute dessert.
Someone could bring red, white and blue sodas (I know Jones sodas have all those colors) or even those Gatorade drinks come in those colors.
A veggie/dip tray would be good from the deli section of the grocery store.  We could use some healthy snacks, at least I could anyway. 
Cosco also has some creative ready made or frozen stuff too that would we be perfect party food.
Here are even more ways to get creative with food and election catch phrases….
Joe Six Pack beer/soda
Palin Potatoes (however you fix ’em)
Pit-bull Pigs in a Blanket
Lipstick on a Pig (ham with ketchup lips painted on hahaha)
Smiling Sarah Salad
Fighter Pilot Wings (or Right Wings hahahaha)
Moose Burgers
Straight Talk Spaghetti
No Tax Tacos
Barracuda Beans
NObama Nachos
Earmarked Eggs (deviled eggs)
Vietnam Veteran Veggies
Surge Success Salad
Joe the Plumber Pie
McCain Martinis and Sarah Shooters (or shots) – ha!
Anything else?
Might be fun to dress for the occasion too.  Maybe something red, white and blue?  Or your favorite political or patriotic t-shirts?  Might be cute for the women to wear something pink in support of Sarah.  Of course you don’t have to do this, these are just suggestions.  Just be comfortable and be yourself.
Have a designated driver if you are going to be drinking.  Have fun but also be safe.  And of course, don’t forget to vote!

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