Tolerance At It's Finest

First we had a male Obama supporter who beat a woman with a stick for holding a McCain sign.
Now we have another woman with a McCain sticker on her car that has a man who not only robs her, but beats her and then mutilates her by carving a B in her face.  Wow, you are real men, beating women aren’t you?
What is wrong with you people??  Liberals are always claiming how they are the “tolerant” people.  What if Obama loses?  Will you blow up cars and burn down the cities?
**UPDATE:  The woman lied about the whole thing.  What a complete douchebag.  She wasted the time of the police and makes the Republicans look bad on top of it.  If she didn’t get beat up before, I can bet she will now.  Good grief.

4 Responses to “Tolerance At It's Finest”

  1. Martini Girl Says:

    Vox, good point. I think the beating and supposed carving was done out of sight of the cameras because he had went towards her by her car. The B is backwards but if she were laying on the ground he were standing over her from the opposite direction, then the B would be in the right direction. But… if she created this, then she is a complete low life scumbag for making this up.

    Barb, don’t get me started on the video!

  2. Vox Says:

    I am seriously questioning this. Obviously she got beat up, possibly even robbed. But…..

    Maybe she decided to add a little extra oomf to the story? The whole “B” being backward is sketchy to me. And, the mugging was by the camera (I think) but the carving wasn’t?

    I am withholding judgment on this, I’m afraid it will backfire.

  3. Nail Whore Says:

    Yeah real tolerant… I was reminded of that vid you showed me with the 2 soldiers and the pig that spit on them…..

  4. Vox Says:

    As I said somewhere else:
    Not to pile on here, but this pic is on most of the blogs I read. When I look at it more closely, I realize what a nice, nearly perfect “B” it is. If someone was beating the crap out of me, or had just done so, and had a knife to my face, I’d be fighting back a bit.

    That “B” looks to have been scratched (not carved) on a perfectly still cheek.

    I’m just sayin’

    And, why would he chase her to her car after getting the money? Seems like a mugger would take the money and run the other way.

    Apparently, the police are expressing some doubt, as well.

    Funny thing is, this story won’t make the news, unless it turns out to be a hoax. If it was the reverse and she was an Obama supporter, it would be all over the news, until it turned out to be a hoax – they’d neglect to cover that.

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