Really Good Program – A Must Watch

This was the program I blogged about some days back that I think should be mandatory TV viewing for every American.  This is the John Stossel 20/20 special “Politically Incorrect Guide to Politics” broken down into 6 parts (really 5 since part 6 is just under two min.).
I HIGHLY recommend you watch these.  This totally explains in the best laymen’s terms and concrete examples of why LESS government is better and works!  It shows you how having more aid and more government makes things worse.  Makes us lazy.  Makes the economy crappier.  Makes us not grow and prosper.  And on and on.  It will be a very eye opening thing for you if you are not too familiar with how government support works.  It is a non-partisan show with no agendas here, it simply shows you the facts.
20/20 – Politically Incorrect Guide To Politics
America is turning into a country that wants nothing but hand outs.  We are not a Socialist or Communist country folks and if that is what you want then move to Cuba or Russia or any of those other countries controlling and taking care of you and really see what life is like.  Has Cuba grown over all these years?  They are still living in the 1950’s for Christ sakes.  
Obama’s tax plan and his medical insurance plan are Socialist.  Who will pay for these plans?  YOU.  He wants to do this in a sinking economy.  That is only going to make things worse.


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